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Doreen as Abuela Claudia singing "Paciencia y Fe" from In The Heights
Giant Sitzprobe, Dallas Theatre Center

mini reel of Doreen Montalvo tv clips

 National Anthem at Brooklyn Nets Game

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Cabaret Cares with the cast of In The Heights you tube

you tube  Doreen sings live at NYC"s Triad Club
you tube   singing with Jordin Sparks on Regis and Kelly  buy my album here
watch clips from my Cabaret performances
you Tube Doreen Montalvo live at the After Party

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Doreen Montalvo: Volvere

American Mariachi at the Old Globe

Doreen sings "Siempre" ITH Reunion Concert

World Aids Day Ham 4 Ham with Lin Manuel Miranda

American Soul Latin Heart cd release

"God Bless America" Yankee Stadium opening Day

Brooklyn Nets Game National Anthem

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