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Hi Doreen, It's Mary your college friend from CNR. Saw u on tv w/ your show "Get on Your Feet". So proud of you! God bless, hope to see u and the show soon!
I am so happy for you! I knew all those years ago when we did the productions in the Bronx, that you would be on Broadway. You may not remember me, but I was the drummer/percussionist in many of the productions. It was a pleasure watching you perform tonight in, " On your feet" Would love to catch with you one day! Peace & Love
Hello Doreen, you may not remember me, but I've always admired you going back to St. Thomas Aquinas and West Farms. Thinking back, you were always a staple in the neighborhod and someone we all loved to hear sing at school and church. Just last night my wife and I went to see "on your feet" and I was pleasantly surprised to see your name as a cast member. Though, not totally surprised because a few years ago I caught your performance in "la Lupe" and I knew someday I would catch you on the big stage again. We loved the show, but I was most impressed by your performance, especially your solo. Having known you were part of my childhood brought tears of joy to my eyes. Just like when we were young, your presence was stunning and impactful. I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished thus far. And, I'm sure there's lot more to come considering we're still so young! :) We look forward to your continued success. God bless you and your family. Richard Perez
Hey Doreen. I just wanted to touch base with you because there are many times I think back to the good times we had at St. Raymond's in the band and the liturgy club. Those were the days! Good luck with everything, I always knew you would sing because you did it so well back in high school. Take care and God bless you always. Cindy
Doreen, don't know if you remember me but I directed you in a community production of "Oliver" in the Pocono's in the 1990's. Jim Lynch played Fagin and Rob Howell was Bill Sykes. Wondering if your time ever allows you to visit Pa.? I am directing a high school musical of "OLIVER" for an Allentown School in the Spring of 2013 and would love for you to visit with the cast and enlighten them about being a professional Broadway actor and professional singer. It would be the most exciting thing that would happen to them all year. My email is above. So proud that I worked with someone who is a Broadway star. I'll never forget when you saw "Oliver" in London and said our show was better. Highlight of my directing career. Sue
Great to see and read great things about. God Bless. STA 79.
Hey Doreen!!! Saw you on SMASH!!!! can't believe that havent got you singing! Have you seen the other "whores"? Miss all you guys! xoxoxox
Doreen, It was SUCH a pleasure to talk with you Friday night at the (bar at the)FLS show! I wish I had known sooner about your show tonight, I would've loved to have seen you, Ruben & Nancy perform in a setting like that! Hope it was a wonderful show!! I didn't mention I work in the music business and also write - would love to sit down w/you for an interview. Reach out to me if you're interested! Lots of Luck in all your future endeavors!! Amanda
Hi Doreen, I'm 16 years old from NYC. Just wanted to say I have seen ITH numerous times and absolutely LOVED YOU! Your performances are always flawless and you have an incredible voice. You make the BEST abuela claudia (: Keep up the awesome work! I look forward to seeing you again soon! Gabby
hi doreen you may not remember me but in christopher colombus i was dating and engaged to your brother carlos. it is saturday oct 2nd and I saw you on great performances about in the heights. It looks like a great show. I hope to see the show someday. Regards to you and the family
I was forced to see "In the Heights" yesterday, Friday, August 13th by my wife, Lenora. My first surprise was that it was great! My second surprise was seeing your name on the playbill! I still remember your voice as you sang the "Ave Maria' at the midnight mass at St. Thomas Aquinas. It's great to see that someone from the old neighborhood has become successful. My wife and I always knew that you would make it BIG! Unfortunately for us you were on your honeymoon. (By the way congrats to you and your husband) We are planning on seeing the show again in a few months with a big group. I hope I can catch you performing. I would love to see you and catch up on old times. I would love to hear how Carlos and Mildred are doing as well as the rest of the group. Give me a call. My cell is 201-401-9622. Lenora and I are extending an invitation to come over the house and we can cook up a nice meal for you and your husband and be able to just sit and talk. We live in Paramus NJ. Lenora and I have been married for 31 years and she knows you as well. Hope to hear from you soon. Continued success to you. It's nice to see that you made it.
Hi. I saw you in In The Heights as Daniella and you were ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! You are so talented! I can't wait to buy your CD!
Hola! No mas queria decir que encontre un video de usted cantando "Angel de mi Alma", y me quede facinado con tu voz y con la lirica de la cancion!!! You have found a new fan in me! I saw you in "In The Heights" in the summer, so thats how I decided to look up to see if you had any singles. Anyway, I plan on buying your CD and I want to say good luck to you in the future!! Maybe one day I'll get to meet you, since one of my biggest dreams is to be on Broadway (Maybe as Usnavi!) Well good luck, I know you will achieve big things Just another latin fan of yours.
Hey, Do recall the frog giggin' story? I think of you often and smile when I do. So many pics with so many famous people!! Post one from Nashvegas sittin' on a stool in Tootsie's and that would really rock!! Take care, Tennessee
Hope you remember me. I am one of the Martinez girls from West Farms. You sang at my sister, Jeanette's wedding. I just saw your site and am so so proud of you. You are a true inspiration. I would love to keep in touch with you. Love to you, Mrs. Montalvo, Carlos, and Mildred. Catherine
Dear Doreen: You are a truly gifted singer with a strong, beautiful voice!!! Hearing you sing with my friend-brother actor, Julio Enrique Court last week at FNCP was a blessing. And the song "Paciencia y Fé", expressed so much love and happiness that everybody in the audience was elevated with joy. Thank you for a memorable night, and best wishes for your continued success. Your fan and friend, Laura Elena
Doreen - saw you on 8/2 as Daniela in ITH and loved it! Thanks for taking the time to sign my young cousin's playbill and pose for a picture! It was the highlight of her trip! Best wishes! - Rachel
It has been SO wonderful to reconnect with Doreen who is as talented and as sweet as she has always been. She is great performing "In The Heights" and her cabaret NYC debut at The Triad was a Triumph! One cannot be anything but ecstatic over her success which is due to her tremendous talent, her drive and her loveliness as a person!
Just saw you at "The Castle" in Tarrytown. Great show! It was a wonderful wealth of music.
Saw you on TV with the "In the Heights" documentary and started remembering how much you loved music at CNR. I am thrilled that you have found your place with your passion. Sorry, I did not get to hear you sing. Take Care - Mary
OMG!! Doreen you did it. You rock!! You've come a long way from our days at St. Thomas Aquinas and of course West Farms... I'm so proud of my elementary school friend. Milly Ocala, FL
Hey Doreen! Just wanted to let you know that I will be at the show on Friday, May 8th at 8:00 PM. I will be celebrating my Daughter Gabbie's 16th Birthday that evening. I really would like to hook up with you that night if possible. Gabbie is dying to meet you and I'd love to see you again. Love, Hillie
Finally had a chance to say hi! It's only been about 20 years. I'm so glad that you are doing well and wish you continued success.
Doreen I spoke to you outside the theatre in Sept, The show was tremendous. You have made all of us From St Thomas A. and West Farms proud. We are hoping the show goes on the road and lands in Miami. The real home of usnavy. Keep making us proud and congrats !!
Hey Dowweeeeeen! Sorry, that goes way back and I couldn't resist. Just saw the updated website and wanted to reach out to you. G-d bless you always! You have really lived out your dreams. Weepa! Hope to see you perform soon, Hillie Irizarry Gabrielle Lopez
Hey Girl, It was so great to see you last night. I am so proud of you. I always knew you would make it with that wonderful angelic voice of yours.... ever since back in the days of St. Thomas Aquinas. Every time I hear the song, Blowing in the Wind, I remember our duet...a blast from the past. I will definitly keep in touch and you do the same! Let's have lunch :) Always a Friend, Wally
Just wanted to let you know I have read all the reviews, and the success you have had on your broadway show. I congratulate you, but will admit,I still miss seeing you with the Elvis show, especially at the Schuylkill County Fair. I wish you continued success in your future. Joyann
Doreen, I had just seen you in "In the Heights" the other night and I just have to say you were amazing. I loved every second you were on stage. My eyes took from the leads and went straight to you whenever you were on. You are a beautiful woman and I just wanted to let you know that. Thank you for making the experience of seeing "In the Heights" one I will remember forever. Lots of love, honey! Steve
Doreen - I really enjoyed the show - it was very exciting to see it with the alumnae group and have the Q & A session after the show.
Hi Doreen, We sang in church together back at St. Raymond Academy for Girls. We also attended Liturgy Workshops together at the College of New Rochelle under the direction of Sr. Beth Dowd. I am still singing in church but not on Broadway. You were so talented back then. I am so proud of you. I will come to see you in your current show. I can't wait. I am still working with Sr. Beth at our Choir/ Drama Camp. We are in our 29th year. Currently, i am the principal of St. Mary, Star of the Sea School in City Island. I would love to bring some of my students to your show. Good luck and congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Best Wishes, Jane
Mamacita, it was thrilling to see you go on in In The Heights as Daniella the hair salon owner. What a great performance! You were gorgeous, sexy and hilarious. Your voice as always is rich and luscious, your stage presence is strong and the details you put into her character are so much fun to watch. A great actress, a sexy dancer and a gorgeous singer. You have earned this opportunity and I know you feel blessed, but we are the blessed ones - to be able to witness your talents. I am so proud of you. Love, Genevieve
Doreen, I watched the Tonys, and thought about you when we watched the very cool number from In the Heights. I didn't know for sure, but I had a feeling you were in it! Congratulations! I am so proud of you, and hope this finds you happy and healthy. Please keep in touch. I'll send an email w/ some photos of my kids, 5 and 4, soon. I still have the beautiful ring you gave me in the summer of '91, and I still wear it all the time! Love, Rachel "Minnie" Cooper Barnard
Well Doreen, a big CONGRATS on all your success! Last time we saw each other I was Chris O'Reilly, and you were headlining on the Cape May Light... 2001...(I was Asst. Cruise Dir.) and the cruise director Jason Cox is now my husband, we have a baby boy and are both living and performing in Myrtle Beach, SC. We were watching the Tony awards the other night and thought we recognized you, so checked your webpage and lo and behold there you are. So many, many hugs to you and big congrats!
CONGRATS ON THE TONY FOR BEST NEW MUSICAL!!!!!! Enjoy the run and I HAVE to see this show again! Broadway is "Home" for you Doreen! CLC
You were awesome on the tony's! Great Job!
Heard about the show from Kim. Congratulations and good luck tonight!
Hi, Congratulations on all you have done. it is good to see so many former students ( St. Thomas Aquinas ) doing great things !
Hey baby - I couldn't be happier for your success - you deserve every damn minute of it!! xoxo Raja
I saw your show on Saturday afternoon and it was fantastic! Wonderful job!!!
Now more than ever, you are my shining star! In The Heights is just as amazing as i anticipated it to be, and seeing you on stage is such an inspiration to me. i definitely want to see it again. hope to see you soon! lovelovelovelovelove you, Lizz.
CONGRATS .. you big ya
Doreen, I just went to see In the Heights at the Richard Rodgers and what a fresh, exciting new musical to hit Broadway! Congrats! We loved it and would see it agan, and just might! The music was surprising, starting with a narrative rap then climbing into melodic ballads and exciting dance numbers. The story was well written and the ensemble...was not jsut a backdrop for the story, but the story of life in Washington Height! The set was authentic and the fireworks were cool. YOur perfomrance was wonderful and I got a kick out of the wedge sandles from the 1980's! I am so proud of you and know this is where you wanted to be, deserve to be...ON BROADWAY!!! You ahve come a long way from Two Women and One Shopping Bag and Besame Mucho to where you are now! To anyone reading this.. See the show.. In the Heights..a real original piece of musicical theatre and not a revivial of a movie, but true Broadway with flair! Doreen..hope to see you at the TONY'S! Break a Leg! CLC
WOW!!!!Broadway!!! I was at my neighbors house out here in NJ suburbia watching a PPV fight on Saturday. We saw the commercial for the show and they flipped out. You see, I travelled all the way to NJ from the Bronx only to have this insane Dominican couple from Washington Heights move right next door. They are a trip!!! Needless to say, when we saw the commercial we went right on line and found home page. They were quite impressed that I knew a Broadway star. LOL So, we're making plans to see the show. Don't know when, but it's in the works. Best of luck and god bless.
I think the last time I saw you, Clinton was president and we were both non-union. Honestly, I hadn't thought of your name in ten years, and then I saw the cast announcement in Playbill and remembered you. (South Pacific, Shawnee, fourteen cents a week) Congratulations on all your success and knock 'em dead on Broadway. You made it!
Oh, my gosh! I hope you remember the encore at Ridge. I was so overwhelmed at your voice and presance. I now want to be on Broadway, and preform for a living. THANK YOU!
Hey Doreen, I'm real proud of you and your continuing accomplishments, and still love listening to your cd Volvere. Take care.
Hey Doreen. I havent seen you in so long. This is little Danelle. Congrats on all your success.
Well Doreen I am so glad to have run into this website. I remember your talents in High School and always wondered what you where up to.. Now I know.. A long way from St.Rays and the liturgy club!!! Send me an email so that I know you got These pictures here are fantastic.. The ones I remember are those of the group on Ring day!! And the singing is just marvelous!!
Dear Ms. Montalvo, Last Saturday (6/09/07), Iliana and I decided to celebrate our "23rd" wedding anniversary by attending the matinee performance of "In the Heights." This is the kind of musical that forces most of us to get in touch with our inner Latino. Thank you for being a part of such a brilliant assemble. Your transformation into Abuela Claudia was phenomenal. The grey wig and the loose-fitting house dress were just props. You brought to life all of our "abuelitas" with your sluggish walk, sparkling eyes, mellow voice, gentle prodding and soft taps. When you sang, "Paciencia y Fe" and mentioned La Vibora, Marianao, Iliana and I were transported back to our beloved Cuba. At this point, you already had us in an emotional hook. The floodgates were opened when Usnavi (Lin-Manuel Miranda) announced the death of Abuela Claudia. Thank you for giving Iliana and me such a memorable anniversary present! We wish you continued success. We are planning to purchase your CD, "Volvere" soon. Your new friend in the theatre, Julio Bernal Elizabeth, NJ.
HI Doreen - This is Hilda's sister, Cookie. I found this site a while back but I don't remember if I wrote you back then. I was talking to Frankie Negron just yesterday. We live in the same building and he just raves about you like we all do. Lots of love and luck. You look just wonderful! Love, Cookie
Doreen!!! It's been forever since we shared the goo old days at Shawnee. My tour of Go, Diego, Go! Live! just played 2 weeks at Radio City and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to see "In The Heights". It was simply amazing!!! I cried - twice!!! Thank you and congratulations!!! - Bender
I can't believe it. I was talking to a former student of mine, whose dad is Jorge Ramos of Channel 47 Noticias in NJ, and she mentioned a show was going to see in NYC..and she mentioned your name. What a blast from the blast when I did a "google" and saw your career. Long way from City Island and Lehman HS theatres, no? I bet cast parties are a far cry from Throggs Neck boat clubs. Still have a few fond memories of the sun coming up over the Long Island Sound. What a great career and life you have created for yourself. Drop me a line if you get a chance.
Hi Doreen! I am so proud of you. I can not wait to see your new show "In the Heights". You are an amazing and talented woman! See you soon!
You look and sound so fantastic. How could you not with all your hard work, perserverance and the great supportive clan behind you. You are an inspiration and a super example of making your dreams come true while you enjoy what you do. Can't wait to see you in your next show. We love and miss you. God Bless!
Dejame saber del musical que estas ensayando. Es Watercoolers? Una amiga-hermana actriz, Laura Elena Surillo, quedo maravillada con tu voz. Dime de Gardel (Miguel Ramos)
Hey Doreen! Good to see you're doing GREAT things!!! This is Albert, Iris and Robert Bosch's son, I know it's been YEARS since we last seen each other, I myself have been pursuing an acting career here in California and so I know all the craziness that goes into building a career, so keep on doing your thing and make us West Farmers proud!!! Regards to your Sister (hope she is doing better) and to your brother Carlos, God Bless AL
Doreen, It's been so long, and you look fantastic! Keep up the great work, and let me know what you secret is to looking so wonderful :o)
Giving a big shout out to ya' from Paducah, KY!!! You were awesome!!!
Hey Doreen! 'member me? Heather from Shawnee? Love your web site!! Hope all is well. Miss you!!!! Heather
Hi, DM. It was nice been with you at Melina's birthday party. Sorry i didn't buy your cd, thanks for the nice present. It is sensational. Regards from your cousin Melba andthe rest of the Bocachica Clan.
Well,well i had no idea you had a full lenght website. Very nice i bought the cd...
Hi, my love. Love your web site. Mine is not quite as professional. You seem very busy. Great! I had a kidney transplant in December and am still recovering. Love you, George
Titi, I'm amazed that i only discovered this website just now! i feel like i did when i discovered Mike's old computer. What a treasure! Well, I hope I'll see you soon and I'm sure you're looking forward to that looooong car ride with Grandma and Titi Mildred. Much love, Lizz
Querida Doreen: Ha sido una bendición conocerte. Tienes una voz preciosa. Nunca olvidaré tu mirada tan tierna, se que eres una gran amiga. Sigue adelante! Que Dios te siga bendiciendo, a ti y a toda tu familia.
I was her best friend as a kid. She sang at my wedding at 19 years old. She is amazing then and even more now!
Hey, dear friend, I still remember the days when I was very young and you used to comb my hair. A long time ago, you might not even remember me. I'm Hilda Irizarry's sister. I'm so proud of how well you're doing. Your dad must be proud, too. I remember how he used to say you were the talented one in the familly. He was right; you've done him proud. Take care. Aida

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