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American Soul Latin Heart

American Soul / Latin Heart

by Doreen Montalvo

Released 2017
Released 2017
A romantic yet unexpected journey through the heart and soul of the artist's love of both classic rock songs and latin jazz ballads.
This album has been a labor of love. It’s taken five years to complete.
I wanted my personal solo album project to be a celebration of the songs that live in my heart and soul and have special meaning to me.
The concept of this album has always lived in my heart but it wasn’t until my husband Mike suggested that I sing one of his favorite songs in Spanish that the project actually began to take shape. In 2000 as I was performing on a cruise ship I wrote lyrics to the song Angel of the Morning, and entitled it Angel de mi Alma…(Angel of my Soul). The lyrics just flowed and although it’s not a literal translation, the essence of the song remains.
This song and all the others on this album are some of the songs that make up the fabric of my life; songs I’ve just loved over the years; but with a twist.
Because I’m fortunate to have had such a love of latin music from childhood and American pop classics I wanted to merge the two. So in this album I sing songs in English with a Latin flair or songs in Spanish with an American twist plus a few originals as well.

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